Monthly Business Fee

Monthly Business Fee

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Monthly Business Fee is required for each individual or business to be an authorized reseller of Greentech products. This business fee includes the following benefits:

  • your own personalized mobile enabled website ( with your personalized URL and your contact information shown at the top. 
  • send your customers to your personal website to learn about Greentech products, technology, and efficacy testing.  Customers can then purchase directly from your website.
  • earn the retail profit without having to purchase the product and then resell. Greentech drop ships and pays you the difference between wholesale and retail by direct deposit
  • get instant notification of sales by text and/or email
  • link your Affiliate Dealer website to your existing business site if you have one
  • opportunity to introduce others to the opportunity to sell Greentech products and earn 10% on their sales and 5% on 2nd level
  • a robust back office where you:
    • can buy products 24/7 at your affiliate wholesale pricing with FREE shipping
    • see all purchases as well as your personal website sales including customer data
    • set up text messages to send to your phone for all sales and referrals
    • see sales made by affiliates you referred
    • access to marketing materials including specification sheets, brochures, images, and videos
  • Product and sales training via webinars and videos

Everything you need in one place to operate your independent Greentech business!

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