About the Program

When you join Greentech as an Affiliate Dealer, you join a sophisticated team of professionals working to create products that transform indoor air quality. From engineers to marketing experts, sales training authorities, and customer service specialists, we provide you with all the training, marketing materials, and support you need for success.

Monthly Business Fee is required for each individual or business to be an authorized reseller of Greentech products. This business fee includes the following benefits:

• Your own personalized mobile enabled website (www.yourbiz.GreentechAffiliate.com) with your personalized URL and your contact information shown at the top. 

• Send your customers to your personal website to learn about Greentech products, technology, and efficacy testing. Customers can then purchase directly from your website.

• Earn the retail profit without having to purchase the product and then resell. Greentech drop ships and pays you the difference between wholesale and retail by direct deposit

• Get instant notification of sales by text and/or email

• Link your Affiliate Dealer website to your existing business site if you have one

• Opportunity to introduce others to the opportunity to sell Greentech products and earn 10% on their sales and 5% on 2nd level

• A robust back office where you can buy products 24/7 at your affiliate wholesale pricing with FREE shipping

• See all purchases as well as your personal website sales including customer data

• Set up text messages to your phone for all sales and referrals

• View sales made by affiliates you referred

• Access to marketing materials including specification sheets, brochures, images, and videos

• Product and sales training via webinars and videos

Everything you need in one place to operate your independent Greentech business!

These are exciting times at Greentech. And we are so pleased that you are considering joining us on our journey to transform indoor air quality.

Meet our Team

Allen Johnston - Founder & CTO

Allen Johnston founded Greentech Environmental with a personal commitment to create environmentally friendly products that improve health and quality of life. He began a successful career at Hughes Aircraft and then moved to Raytheon Missile Systems, serving as Test Program Manager for the next-generation anti-ballistic missile defense system for the United States. Today, Allen uses his talents to realize his vision of improving indoor air quality around the world.

Brandon Taylor - Greentech CEO

Following a Nationwide search, Greentech Environmental announced Brandon Taylor as its new CEO. Taylor joined Greentech Environmental in 2019 as CFO/COO. Prior to joining Greentech, Taylor held several management roles in multinational energy organizations. Taylor’s leadership helped make 2020 Greentech Environmental’s most successful year in the company’s history so far.

Mike Moseley - Director of Affiliate Dealers

Before being named Director of the Affiliate Dealer Program, Mike was Manager of Special Markets for Greentech, where he developed the Independent Retail Division with ACE and ORGILL Hardware stores, as well as many large national retailers and multi-store retail chains.

Prior to Greentech, Mike served as Manager of the Home Care Division at AEROBIOTIX, a now-major supplier of hospital operating room air purifiers and was responsible for the launch and sales of their residential and light commercial air purification products. Before his work at AEROBIOTIX, Mike was Owner of six retail ORECK stores in the Midwest and served on the ORECK Advisory Council. Mike also worked with Zig Ziglar as Vice President of the ZIG ZIGLAR NETWORK, a nutritional and motivational products division where he developed and managed the multi-level program within the ZIG ZIGLAR Corporation.

Lisa Rowe - Administrator of Affiliate Dealers

Lisa joined Greentech Direct in January, 2021 as Customer Service Representative and one of the team to launch Greentech Direct. In August, 2021, the Greentech Affiliate Dealer Program was launched to replace Greentech Direct and Lisa was promoted to Administrator of the Affiliate Dealer Program. Lisa is a key Team member and is often the first Greentech employee a new Affiliate Dealer will talk with. Her ability to build relationships and her desire to help the Affiliate Dealers build their businesses has been an important factor in the Program’s success. 

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