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pureFlow QT7 Fan Certified

pureFlow QT7 Fan Certified

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(Certified) pureFlow QT7 looks just as cool as your comfortable cool room temperature. This eye-catching fan is uniquely designed to circulate air with peak power, performance, and proficiency. This quiet turbo bladeless fan produces an uninterrupted flow of smooth air, distributed evenly and naturally for up to 30 feet. Create an indoor breeze that reaches every corner of the room!

Adjust and oscillate

The unique 90° vertical tilt and 90° horizontal oscillation circulates air throughout the entire room.

Powerful airflow

Built to cycle air more quickly than traditional fans, your room temperature stays consistent and comfortable.

Energy efficient

Designed to decrease power usage and increase airflow. Using as little as 2 watts, it provides twice the circulation speed and coverage of a traditional fan.

Safety-first design

Bladeless design is safe alternative to traditional fans.


Operates at a whisper-quiet 13 decibels, providing a calm and peaceful white noise without intruding on your cooling comfort.

12 fan speeds

Customize your comfort with 12 individual fan speed settings, offering airflow from a gentle breeze to a steady wind and everything in between.

Convenient controls

Easily control fan speed and oscillation from the comfort of your seat with the included remote.

9-hour shut-off timer

Keep calm, cool, and collected using the convenient auto shut-off timer that operates for up to 9 hours.

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